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Dec 1, 2012 4:00pm PST
green indicating on the map we'll start moving in. daly city and berkeley, piedmont, the claremont avenue area being hit with a good burst of rain, and towards oakley and brentwood, seeing moderate rain. these are cells moving around, and this is actually the warm sector. this is 7:00 tonight. this is the warm sector, the mod rain in the north bay. and a little break around midnight and by 3:00 a.m., this is storm number three. this is 5:00 a.m. heavy rain starting to move down into the north bay. 7:00 a.m., starts to move down to about the golden gate bridge, sfo. 9:00 a.m. heavy rainfall. now starting to move into the east bay. fairfield, concord. notice the clearing that takes place behind the very rapidly, at 11:00 a.m., and then moves on towards the south. of course the concerns up on the riffs and we'll look at those concerns in a bit. >> ama: in napa, the national weather service issued a flood warning for the napa river, a waterway prone to flooding, and the city's residents are hoping it's not a repeat of the devastating flood in 2005. >> the napa river looks calm now but
Dec 6, 2012 6:00pm EST
not. 60% black a decade ago. now 50% black and 35% white. 42,000 blacks have left the city. >> i can walk to wherever i need. a car.t have is a lot of night life everything is very accessible. the city is a lot richer. median income up to $61,000. >> we are disappointed in the have received. >> these pastors said this vandalism is a reaction to a plan to build low-income housing for seniors. hettos," it say. who has money is able to get want.hey who is trying to do services forced out. y know they areot dealing with white racists but the church gets a message. the survey shows that d.c. is 34 years.unger, that is six months younger than 2000. are more hispanic men the cities. 8000 more, 2000 more agents. -- more asians. christieto come, chris for help on capitol hill. how this could make a difference for millions of people. happening see it at side of the wilson building. ready for. is getting inauguration. >> call tonight, clouds are moving in. we will have that for you coming up. i look down at the national christmas tree. with gordon peterson, maureen meteorologist at kill in
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
the city converge. is a flash flood, people do not have a chance. proposal is hoping to help .hose >> ryan describes the hisruction left behind when flooded four times a in for summer having dried out with no help from officials, e is one steph ahead. >> we will have to hold our breaths for next year and hope our palms and sandbags will hold up another season. >> have a system in place to prevent this y as 2014.s earl the plan, two fold. a six block underground tunnel to store 6 million gallons of d an >> i am glad to see my tax dollars doing something. noa art gallery has been years.g floods for 30 >> it is better than doing i haveg, the many years been here. seen much done. >> the plan would cost $145 million and would not be until 2022. is three years sooner than e previous plan. >> you have to say the efforts relatively impressive. >> there is a little bit of a problem. complicating matters, the water filtration site is also a landmark. reporting live, autria godfrey. >> breaking news that hockey not like. nhl commissioner announced tonight the league has rejected lat
Dec 6, 2012 5:00pm EST
comes out. expectwarning, you can major traffic delays in and out of the city. >> a downside. other news for you, today was a for gay couples in maryland. marriagefile for a in january getn married. brad bell has one couple's road chapel. the governor signed a that made it okay to start issuing these, marriage licenses. out, very few people took advantage. dozen couples statewide. right, we met one of them. she says she and her partner t wait another day. >> extremely excited and been 29l because it has years. not have to wait too long today. she and heron, partner, who did not want to be on tv, or the second couple to apply for a license in montgomery county. is notgeorge's county licenses just yet. she said she did not expect a rush. >> we knew that d.c. has had it quite a while. new license is different. it references party won an two. t take effect until january 1. it is still a contentious issue. a trolley operator has announced his wedding service "we are a his words notstian service and we are support to the o theage broke well gay marriage." right to stands up for his religi
Dec 5, 2012 5:00pm EST
hours ago in these cities. pittsburgh 26 degrees colder. before degrees colder.e is we have a week warm front coming to town. clear skies it will be tonight. will be bright and sunny for the day tomorrow. it will be very nice. we are watching on our service .ap a little bit of a warm front e.ll come on the backsid that will happen on friday afternoon. over the weekend, we will see chance increase. that'll be later in in the sunday and monday timeframe. .emperatures will drop light winds. or tomorrow, much cooler. 43-47. two days we were in 70's. we will call for that very onght chance of showers with a week wave of a cold front. then we will be at 60 degrees saturday. upper-50's on sunday. into the 60's on monday. we will be close to average on tuesday and wednesday. no snow flakes. >> look at that saturday. fantastic. coming up on abc prime time, a brand-new "nashville." raynea needs to deal with the voters of her husband. it does not tell the real story. i have this under control. you do not have this under control. our children have to deal with this. is alleged pictures of thei
Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
residents. >> these crimes are not happening along dark city streets. two of these cases happened right across the street from where i am standing -- pentagon row. >> i have never seen anything like this in this neighborhood. >> the wheels on the spot magnum look out place. the original tires and rims were stolen just a few days ago about 27 street in arlington. >> as i walked out, i could tell the car was up on cinderblocks. >> a sharp reminder to residents unaccustomed to such a crime. >> i am merely surprised this happened here. >> police say this case is one of six they are investigating in the last several weeks. pictures of victims' cars are being posted on twitter. a year ago david says he saw a group of bandits swiping the tires of his dodge challenger. >> they had masks, gloves. >> they fled with only two. he believes they returned sunday night. this time they got all four, valued at more than $2,000. he even had wheel locks but thieves found the keys in the car. what has car gets repaired, he plans of buying something else. a security system with a camera in case the the
Dec 5, 2012 6:00pm EST
. maybe a minute. progress. the number of people in the city every business day. a sent out a messages just to control the street. they want to make sure the dessages are easy to understan and also to make sure that they do not conflict. right now his job is not finished. reporting live from northwest, sam ford, abc 7 news. there were a lot of ideas that were tossed around last night. it if you want to learn more, texting while driving, you can soon get a texting while driving charge .hould it is considered a secondary offense. it means police officers cannot .icket drivers >> a father who never knew a daughter existed. , why these folks staged nativity scene. >> we will tell you why charging hundreds of dollars for a gift card. >> i'm doug hill in the weather center. i will tell you what to expect .hi one group is fighting to keep -- inmas in the holiday the public eye this holiday season. a put on a live nativity scene outside the u. s. supreme court . they had the three wise men, the , and of coarse, mary and joseph in. they wanted to demonstrate that these displa
Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
committing an act of terrorism. >> the man arrested in the death of the new york city subway rider has been arraigned on charges. naeem davis is being held on bail. he shoved a man onto the tracks at the subway station. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. >> the university of california releasing 4000 emails sent or received by movie shooter james holmes. he may have had a romantic relationship with a fellow student and fantasized about a mass shooting weeks before the killing. >> and i/o a community is anxiously awaiting tool -- an iowa community is anxiously awaiting news if bodies discovered are those of two lost cousins. the girls disappeared back pain to live while riding their bikes. the bikes were found near a lake, but there was no sign of the girls. >> the duchess of cambridge was discharged after three days and nights in the hospital. she was smiling with prince william by her side, as you see right there. she was treated for a few morning sickness. the first public comment from the royal family was from prince william's uncle and his wife sophie. they were planning to attend
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8